Marine Environment Asbestos Surveys

Marine Environment Asbestos Surveys & Inventories of Hazardous Materials (IHM).

Casa Environmental Services specialise in conducting asbestos surveys on marine vessels in the UK and across the world. These can be stand-alone surveys or they can be included as part of an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) in compliance with the Hong Kong Convention 2009.

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Asbestos Surveys for Marine Vessels.

We undertake asbestos management, refurbishment, demolition, and re-inspection surveys to all class of vessels including Royal Navy Ships & Submarines, RFA Vessels, Cruise Liners, Cargo Vessels, Oil Tankers and Luxury Yachts.

Asbestos Management Surveys for Marine Vessels.

This type of survey establishes whether a vessel contains asbestos. Our surveyors will inspect all areas of the vessel including decks, deckheads, accommodation, machinery compartments , engine room etc. The surveyor will take samples of materials suspected of containing asbestos and analyse them at our UKAS accredited laboratory to confirm whether it is present or not. We will subsequently produce a survey report detailing what asbestos is present , its location and condition and our recommendation for any remedial action necessary.

Asbestos Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys for Marine Vessels.

Refurbishment surveys are undertaken to vessels undergoing refit or major maintenance works. Demolition surveys are undertaken to vessels that are being broken. Their purpose is to detect any asbestos on the vessel that may be disturbed during the proposed works. Any suspect materials are sampled and analysed and a survey report compiled to enable a remediation works to subsequently be undertaken.

Asbestos Reinspection /Condition Surveys for Marine, Vessels.

During a Reinspection survey all known areas of asbestos discovered in previous Management or Refubishment surveys are inspected and an assessment made of the material and any additional hazards presented as a result of any deterioration in its condition. Reinspection surveys should be carried out at regular, pre-determined intervals and recommendations are made in the report should additional remediation be necessary.

Asbestos Surveys & Inventory of Hazardous Material Surveys

The Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) is a structured document designed to minimise and control the dangers of all potential hazardous materials on board ships. The EU Regulation requires all ships (both from an EU member state and those visiting an EU member state) heavier than 500 gross tonnes to have and carry an IHM.

Casa are able to carry out management, refurbishment and demolition surveys or merely sampling reports, all of which can be included within your IHM. We have the knowledge, skills and resources needed to undertake surveys to all class of ships. Reinspection/condition surveys should be undertaken at regular intervals determined by the asbestos type, location and condition of the material.

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