New Union Wharf




Isle of Dogs, London


Asbestos Survey

Casa Environmental Services Ltd have completed Demolition Surveys to 3 large blocks of apartments and maisonettes for Hill, a top 15 UK Housebuilder. The buildings, on the Isle of Dogs in the East End of London, are being demolished to make way for the continuing New Union Wharf estate regeneration. The project, which is expected to complete in 2022, will provide 399 new homes provided by L&Q and has given rise to considerable development of the area.

The survey reports were amongst the biggest ever produced by Casa and carried out between the Southampton and Bristol branches. Asbestos based materials were discovered in the form of Textured Coatings and Floor Tiles throughout each of the blocks.

The surveys had to be carefully planned and coordinated in phases to coincide with the decanting of tenants from each of the buildings. Following this we had to ensure the client had the necessary information to hand as soon as it was available to enable remediation works to be organised and undertaken.

Mobile Elevated Working Platforms were used extensively to gain access to higher areas of the building. This resulted in a separate Survey being commissioned of the internal and external drainage systems of each block. During this, large volumes of Asbestos Insulating Board shuttering were discovered.

Further information on the development can be found here.

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