Redland High School






Asbestos Survey

Following the sale of Redland High School last year to housing developer Kersfield, Casa Environmental were asked to undertake a refurbishment survey to the Grade 2 listed building.

The property, constructed in 1732, is expected to be converted into dwellings and a full refurbishment survey was required to establish the presence of any Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) prior to commencement of the conversion works.

Having been subject to a number of extensions and modifications over the years, it was of no surprise that a number of ACMs were discovered during the inspection. This in the form of asbestos insulation board, pipe insulation, gaskets, cement sheets and floor tiles to name but a few.

In all, 213 incidences of ACMs were identified and 16 presumed due to non-access issues that could not be resolved during the survey.

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