Kier Awareness Training “Roadshow”


Kier Construction Ltd.


Plymouth, Bristol & Cardiff


Asbestos Awareness Training

Casa Environmental Services’ Training Department have undertaken a series of Asbestos Awareness courses for Kier Construction.

Asbestos Awareness Training is a legal requirement for anyone who could, in the course of their working lives, come into contact with asbestos. This not only applies to construction workers but could equally apply to caretakers; teachers; maintenance staff or indeed anyone working in a building that contains asbestos.

Each training session takes up to 4 hours after which the candidates sit a short exam.

Subjects covered during the course include:

  • the history of asbestos
  • different asbestos types and their uses
  • the detrimental effects
  • disease types caused by asbestos exposure
  • the law relating to asbestos (Control of Asbestos Regulations, Health and Safety at Work Act etc )
  • recognition of asbestos and where it may be found within a building

The course itself is in a format approved by UKATA (United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association) of which Casa are an accredited member.

The “Kier Roadshow” initially took place over 6 days in 3 regions with a total of 12 sessions. In the Plymouth, Bristol and Cardiff areas, nearly 200 candidates received training.

Training Manager Lee Hardy said, “Client feedback regarding the courses undertaken so far has been very positive. We are hoping to extend the sessions to other regions in the future”.

In addition to the course, each candidate is issued with a Casa Bespoke booklet advising the correct steps and precautionary measures to take if asbestos is discovered on site or if someone is expected to have been exposed. The booklet also gives examples of high, medium and low risk asbestos materials and where they may be located within a building.

Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from the sessions…

“Thanks for making a dull subject interesting!”

“Really enjoyed the course. Thank you”

“Good engagement & use of relevant jobs as examples”

NOT boring!”

“The presenter Lee was very informative and the presentation itself very clear”

“Very good, informative presentation & trainer. Engaging & interactive which made the course a lot easier to follow & understand”

“Really informative course, very good learning environment & enjoyable”

“An entertaining course with a practical instructor with a good knowledge of the subject”

“Really enjoyed the course. Thank you”

“Good informative course, good interaction kept it interesting”

If you would like a quotation for your Asbestos Awareness Training, please contact Bex Andrews on 01179 322323 or email her on

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