Free Asbestos Management Portal

Casa Environmental Services are pleased to announce that we can now offer free of charge to all clients a web portal which allows access to Asbestos Reports and other important information such as ACM Location Plans, Sampling Certificates, Quotations and much more.

This new innovation allows clients to review and manage asbestos registers & documentation from anywhere with an internet connection.

System Feature Description
Compliance overview This shows clients an overview of their compliance with regards to asbestos management.
Asset by risk This allows clients to organise their property portfolio in order of Asbestos Risk.
Project reporting This allows clients to monitor project turnaround times, KPIs, and survey attempts for large property portfolios.
Survey Explorer An interactive explorer for survey reports, complete with photographs, material assessments and recommendations.
Map view of assets A map view of all assets with asbestos survey data.
Training records The portal features a built-in training record facility for portal users to ‘record and store’ their achievements.
Mobile Portal App When operating the web portal from a mobile device or smart phone, a tailored version of the user interface for small screen devices is available.
QR Codes Software automatically generates QR codes for each item surveyed, linking the QR code to the associated item on the web portal. Once printed out, these QR codes can be placed within the building to denote the presence of an ACM, a water system asset or outlet. With a QR scanner app on your phone or tablet simply scan the code and you are automatically linked to the live information for the item via the web portal.

Client-side Management

This interactive service will dramatically reduce the management burden for Duty Holders, negating the need to manually create and maintain asbestos registers & action plans.  The system offers an interactive ‘Survey Explorer’ function. Opening the survey reports in interactive mode exposes the live information from within the report in an expandable hierarchy; building-by-building, floor-by-floor, room-by-room. As well as by location, you can also navigate surveys by risk and by recommended action.

Items which have been removed or encapsulated since the last survey can also be updated by our client using this facility. As adjustments are made, the risk scores and ratings are automatically updated to give an up to date representation of the item, room and building in question. Items within that area are presented to the user with distinctive colour coding for quick identification.

The system allows multiple user logins, making it much easier for clients to share crucial asbestos information with all relevant personnel and site users. This also lessens the need to print & share hard-copy asbestos reports, reducing the environmental impact whilst ensuring the most up to date document is in use at all times.

Clients will be issued with a username and password with user permissions that can be fully customised. Different levels of access can be granted to different users, enabling individuals to access information that is relevant to them.

Value for Money

Casa have implemented this system free of charge to clients to ensure that we are providing maximum value for money in innovative and forward thinking ways. We hope that our customers will utilise these features to take full control of their asbestos management obligations in the most efficient and accurate way.

Get in Touch

If you would like to make use of this free service, please contact us on to get set up with login details.

For more information regarding the system, see our sales brochure here.

If you have already been issued with user details, visit the login page here.