DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation)






Asbestos Survey

Casa Environmental Services completed a large number of Asbestos Surveys for the DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation) based in Belgium.

A total of 30 Surveys were undertaken over a two-week period in various locations throughout Belgium, France, Holland and Germany.

The surveys were predominantly Management surveys as well as a number of Refurbishment Surveys. The surveys were  primarily domestic properties, occupied by Services personnel stationed in the various countries.

During the surveys there were a number of different asbestos types found that aren’t as common in the UK. Asbestos based materials were identified in the form of asbestos cement sheets to the underside of roofs; tiles and moulded products; pipework  insulation; insulation residues and asbestos insulating boards. An asbestos cement pot was identified within one of the properties and was currently being used as a plant pot.

The route…..

The project wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of Lead Surveyor Adrian Muttram, Administration Assistant Bex Andrews & the DIO.

Bex said “Planning and organising each survey in order to carry out the work in the most efficient manner was a bit of a logistical nightmare but we got there in the end.”

Adrian spent hours investigating survey locations and compiling a list of how best to navigate through Europe, based on his research. He coordinated with the DIO daily to ensure access was arranged depending on location.

Adrian said “It was interesting seeing asbestos used in different ways to how it is commonly used in the UK. There are over 3000 known uses for ACMs & I’ve now seen a few more! I thoroughly enjoyed the project & found all at DIO very helpful.”

Adrian clocked up over 1600 miles by the time the job had been completed and all survey reports were completed within timescale.

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