Community Facility Project


Cornwall Consultants


Newquay, Cornwall


Land Survey

Casa Environmental Services Ltd Truro office was recently approached by Cornwall Consultants, who conduct contaminated land assessments and mining surveys. We were asked if we could assist with a land survey that was required for planning permission submission, for the construction of a community facility and place of worship.

During the survey, marker paint was used to create a grid, within each grid square was approximately 2 samples were taken – 50m2 in size. This grid system then was drawn over a satellite image to produce a plan to identify where the samples have been taken.  14 samples in total were taken on site for analysis.

Work was completed on time and to clients satisfaction. This area of unused wasteland is to be brought back into use by building a new community facility and place of worship. Once planning permission has been obtained, work on the site will commence early next year (January/February) and we’ll be looking forward to further assisting with the project.

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