Supporting front line workers – Asbestos Site Aid app

The Construction Industry Research & Information Association (CIRIA) has developed a mobile application to guide construction crews confronted by asbestos hazards on brownfield sites.

Working with industry partners and contaminated land specialists, CIRIA has developed an app to help teams access relevant guidance while on site.

The app is designed to provide a guide to steps to take when encountering suspected asbestos containing material (ACM) in soil or made ground on site.  It provides a photo gallery of ACM commonly found in soil to help teams in spotting potential ACM and enables site workers to record and share details and photographs of what they have found.

While it is designed to help towards fulfilling information, instruction, and training requirements, under Regulation 10 of Control of Asbestos Regulation 2012, it does not act as a replacement for asbestos awareness training. Every user should still have received appropriate training before using the app.

“We became involved in the project because it was a great way to tackle the problem literally at the first step,” said Red Rock associate director Paula Grgich-Warke. “With site workers being key to preventing the spread of ACMs [asbestos containing material] during groundworks, we knew how vital it was for them to be a part of the process. The app is a way of sharing knowledge and preventing problems. It offers a simple solution to involve site workers in identifying hazards and benefits their health and wellbeing as much as it benefits the project.”

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So now you understand the reasons for attending asbestos awareness training your next task is to find a competent training provider. Whilst not endorsing any of the organisations it lists, the Health and Safety Executive gives various links to organisations offering asbestos training. The choice is effectively down to you. In choosing your provider do ensure however that any training organisation has adequate experience in the asbestos industry and training in particular.

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