Bristol Based Community School


UK Energy Partners




Asbestos Survey

During October 2017 Casa were invited to tender to undertake a Refurbishment Survey at a Bristol Community School by London-based UK Energy Partners (contracted by the school to undertake a comprehensive heating and hot water replacement project).

We were delighted subsequently to receive an order to carry out the survey to the School which is located in North Bristol and is attended by over 600 Students.

The College is a large 4 block, 2 storey building constructed in the 1960s, and in need of comprehensive Heating and Hot Water system replacement.  The Survey was required to the whole building to ensure no asbestos disturbance during the proposed works. The Casa surveying team, comprising Lead Surveyor Dan Road and Surveyor James West, took over 300 samples during the 12 days it took to do the inspection, 216 of which contained asbestos.

Not surprisingly in a building of this age, the asbestos located took the form of pipe insulation, vinyl floor tiles, gaskets, insulating board, cement products and mastic.

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