Asbestos Cement Garage in Cornwall

During an asbestos survey in Truro, one of our Cornwall Operatives came across some asbestos cement used in an unconventional way.

Whilst it’s common place for sheds & garages to have asbestos cement roof sheets, the material is not commonly used to form the structure of a building.

The pipe shaped materials identified here are asbestos moulded products, used as rafters & purlins to form the structure of the roof, holding up further corrugated asbestos cement sheets.

Asbestos containing materials were generally cheap to produce, and cement based products combined the strength of the cement matrix with the many merits of asbestos. One such benefit of not using the traditional method of a timber structure is that the building would have been highly resistant to fire. This shed would have been constructed prior to 1999, as the use of asbestos has been banned in the UK since this date. The Control of Asbestos Regulations (2012) state that the duty holder of a property has a legal duty to ensure any asbestos containing materials are identified & managed accordingly.

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Location: Truro, Cornwall

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